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Q: Who is Oztix?
A: Oztix is an Australian owned and operated, independent online ticketing company that sells tickets for events on behalf of artists, venues, festivals and event promoters. We sell tickets via artist, venue, festival, event promoter and Oztix websites, our 1300 telephone customer call centre and various retail outlets across the country. Oztix has been operating in Australia since 2003.

Q: What is an Oztix account?
A: An Oztix account will make it quicker for you to purchase tickets. When you create a free Oztix account, Oztix will store your details. All you need to do is enter your email address and a password (provided by you) and your details will automatically be supplied. An Oztix account also enables you to receive email communication from Oztix.
NOTE: Oztix does not store your credit card details.

Q: How do I create an Oztix account?
A: Simply click here and you can create an Oztix Account. Alternatively, you create an Oztix Account when you make a purchase. For future purchases, all you do is login with your email address and password.

Q: Do I have an Oztix account already?
A: If you have previously purchased tickets through Oztix, you will already have an Oztix account. If you're still uncertain if you have an Oztix account, try and create one. If you already have an existing Oztix account our website will notify you. If you can't remember your password, you can reset your password via your registered email address.

Q: How can I update my Oztix account details?
A: There is a My Account link on all Oztix ticket shops. Click the My Oztix account link, login and you can update your details at any time.

Q: How do I change my email address?
A: Contact us here or by phone on 1300 762 545 as we need you to answer some questions to verify you as the Oztix account owner.

Q: Why can't I get into my account?
A: You may have entered your details incorrectly. You can contact us here or phone 1300 762 545 during normal business hours, and we will investigate for you.

Q: I have not received the email containing my Oztix Account password. Why is this?
A: The first thing to do is check your junk mail. If you do not have Oztix as a contact in your address book, the email may be in your junk mail. You can contact us here or phone 1300 762 545 during normal business hours, and we will assist you.


Q: How do I make a ticketing inquiry?
A: For general, order or refund enquiries please contact us here, or call us on 1300 762 545. If your enquiry relates to an existing order, please reference your Oztix order number. This helps us easily locate your order, ensuring a rapid response.

Q: Where can I purchase ticket/s?
A: The best way to purchase a ticket is to visit the artist, venue, festival, event promoter or Oztix website and follow the prompts. You can also search upcoming events at oztix.com.au or purchase tickets over the phone by calling 1300 762 545.

Q: Why can't I find an event on your website?
A: When searching for an event on the Oztix website, entering less information is more likely to yield a successful result. For example, searching 'queen' will return a result for 'Queens of the Stone Age' events.

Q: What info do I need to give Oztix to purchase a ticket/s?
A: Your name, postal address, phone number and email address. Please be sure to provide your full postal address. You will also need either a VISA®, MasterCard® or valid PayPal account. Oztix does not accept AMEX® or Diners Club® cards.

Q: Does Oztix have retail outlets where I can pay in cash?
A: Yes. Oztix has various physical retail outlets nationally. Full details of our retail network can be found here.

Q: What is the presale password?
A: Presale passwords are obtained via artist or festival fan club mail outs, newsletters and/or Social Media pages. A presale password is not the same as your Oztix password that is used for My Oztix account.

Q: How will I receive my ticket/s?
A: There are a number of different delivery modes:

eTicket (QR Barcoded Electronic Ticket):
This is where Oztix emails you an eTicket as a PDF attachment to your order confirmation email. You will need to print your eTicket/s and present them for scanning to gain access to the event. Or you can display the ticket barcode onto your mobile phone, just make sure you have turned up the brightness on your phone display. It is fine to separate barcodes, if people using the eTickets wish to arrive at different times, please ensure that you have one barcode per person as each QR barcode is scanned as an individual ticket upon entry to the event.

eTicket (Venue Collect):
This is where Oztix automatically adds your name to a door list which we send to the venue. The person who purchased the tickets will need to present valid photo ID, matching the name on the order, at the venue to gain entry to the event. We only attach one name to each order for collection, so please note that if an order is for multiple tickets, everyone will need to arrive together to gain access to the event. If you can no longer attend the event, however would like to transfer your tickets to another person, please contact us here with relevant details no later than 48hrs prior to the event.

Registered Post:
Oztix will post your tickets to you via Registered Australian Post. Upon delivery, a signature is required from a resident at that address to acknowledge receipt of the tickets. If no one is available to sign to receive the tickets, Australia Post will leave a card informing you that they unsuccessfully attempted to deliver to your address. The card will instruct you to collect from your local Australia Post Office. The tickets will be addressed to the person who purchased the tickets, as such they will be required to present valid photo ID at the Post Office, along with the card to collect the tickets.

Registered Australia Post usually takes between 5 and 7 business days to arrive.

If you have not received your tickets after 10 business days please enter the Australia Post Tracking Number, provided to you via email at the time of placing your order, via the Australia Post website, or call Australia Post on 13 13 18 ext 2 to enquire as to the location of your tickets.

Outlet Collect:
This allows you to collect your ticket/s from any Oztix retail outlet prior to 4pm (local time) on the day of the event. You will be required to validate your identity, by presenting photo ID to collect your tickets. A list of Oztix retail outlets can be found here.

Q: What should I do if I cannot open the PDF attachments or cannot print tickets?
A: To open the PDF attachment containing your eTicket/s you will need to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your device. If you do not have this program installed, please click here to download and install this program. Alternatively, you can print your PDF eTickets by logging in to the ‘My Account’ section on the Oztix website.

Q: My ticket/s have not arrived! Why could this be?
A: All tickets posted by Oztix are sent via registered Australia Post. In most circumstances, Australia Post has forgotten to leave you a card informing you that your they were unable to deliver to you. In this instance go to http://auspost.com.au/track/ with the Australia Post tracking number provide to you by Oztix the day your tickets were dispatched, or call your local Australia Post Office. If this fails to resolve the matter, please click here or call us on 1300 762 545.

Q: Can I change my name on the door list, so someone else can attend?
A: E-Ticket (Venue Collect)
Your name will be placed on a door list at the venue; this will be alphabetised by first name and you will need to present valid photo ID, matching the name you entered when purchasing the tickets. If the customer name doesn’t match that of the person listed on the door list, you can update the name on the door list by logging into the My Oztix account here of the Oztix website, locate your order under “Orders” and “modify” the name on the order. You can only update the name if ticket sales for the event have not closed (i.e. usually 2 hours prior to the event). Please note: everyone you have purchased tickets for are required to arrive at the venue together because, although there may be multiple tickets purchased, there will only be one name on the door list at the venue, plus the specific number of tickets purchased i.e. John Citizen + 4 (if 5 tickets were purchased). We cannot add individual names to the venue door list beyond that of the person named on the original ticket order. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us here during normal business hours for assistance.

Q: How do I get a refund?
A: All tickets purchased are non-refundable and non-transferable except as outlined in our terms and conditions. Tickets must be treated like cash, if lost or stolen there is no recourse for a refund. If a show has been cancelled by the promoter/s, Oztix will email you explaining this and the card used to make the purchase will be automatically refunded.
Please see the following link for our full Terms & Conditions

Q: Why isn't my order being processed?
A: There may be several reasons for an order not processing correctly. Should you experience a known problem during the purchase process, Oztix will inform you of the problem by a message which appears in a red box at the top of your screen. Common issues faced are:

"Processing Error"
This may be due to several reasons such as, a busy payment gateway or bank. It may be because you accidentally entered incorrect credit card details or you are attempting to use a payment method or card we do not accept. Please double check that your payment method is Visa, MasterCard or PayPal and that you have entered the correct information - then wait a moment and try again.

"Invalid account number"
Please double check that your payment method is Visa, MasterCard or PayPal and you have entered the correct information - then wait a moment and try again. Please note: Oztix does not accept AMEX® or Diners Club® cards.

"Timeout waiting for Processor response - Bank timed out"
This error has occurred because our bank has indicated that it is currently 'busy'. This happens when your bank or financial institution is experiencing high demand. This issue is unfortunately out of our control. Please wait a moment and then try to process your order again. If you continue to experience this problem please contact us here and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

"Declined" and "Insufficient funds available"
Unfortunately, your credit card has been declined. This could be due to several reasons – the most probable is that you have insufficient funds. If you continue to have a problem and you are certain you do have sufficient funds please contact your bank, or try using another card.

This means your bank will not automatically allow funds to be processed through our system and has most likely put those funds on hold. It may seem that the funds have left your account, however in most cases we have not received the funds and it is being held by your bank awaiting additional authorization. You should contact your bank for further information.

"No response from Payment Gateway"
The error occurs when the payment gateway indicates that it is currently 'busy'. This can be due to many reasons, however the most common reason is the payment gateway is experiencing high demand. This issue is unfortunately out of our control. Please wait a few moments and then try again.

If you continue to experience problems, after contacting your bank, please contact us here during normal business hours for further assistance.

Q: Why can't I purchase more than 8 tickets?
A: As a conscientious ticketing agent, we take the issue of illegal ticket scalping very seriously. One of the many measures we have put in place is an 8 ticket per customer order limit. This ensures that anyone attempting to engage in illegal scalping cannot buy more than a reasonable number of tickets. This limit may be occasionally increased or decreased under instruction from the event promoter.

Q: Can I re-sell my tickets?
A: If you can't attend an event for legitimate reasons and want to sell your ticket via an online auction site, trading post or Social Media forum, Oztix will not object to your sale if the sell price is no more than the face value of the original ticket price (i.e. what you paid for the ticket). The event promoter may however have a different policy when it comes to ticket resale and we urge you to review their terms and conditions, which may differ to the advice we give here.

Q: Can I buy tickets if I am based overseas?
A: Yes. Overseas customers are required to enter address details as best you can, and include an Australian State or Territory in the relevant field to enable the order to be processed. Oztix does not post tickets to international addresses; therefore you must select one of these delivery options: Barcoded eTicket or Venue Collection.

Q: I purchased a ticket off a 3rd Party; can I check if it is valid?
A: Oztix does not support tickets purchased via any 3rd party. Purchasing tickets from any 3rd party is discouraged and you do so at your own risk. Oztix accepts no responsibility for issues which arise as result of ticket purchases from any 3rd parties. Oztix recommends you always purchase tickets from authorised ticket agents and not resellers. We cannot verify the authenticity of tickets purchased via any other channel other than the Oztix ticketing system.

Q: Do you accept Companion Cards?
A: This will vary by event. Please contact the venue for clarity on their Companion Card policy for each event.



Q: What are the age restrictions for an event?
A: Age restrictions vary by event, so we encourage to to read the event information carefully, before purchasing your ticket/s, to determine if you are eligible to enter the event. Age restrictions are set by the event promoter, not the ticketing company.

Some events have special age restrictions (e.g. 12+), which are explained wherever applicable, however the most common age restrictions are as follows:

18+: This event is for people who are aged 18 and over only. No ID, No Entry.

All Ages: This event is open to people of any age.

All Ages Licensed: The event is open to people of any age. There will however be licensed drinking areas within the venue where alcohol beverages will be permitted to be consumed. Should you wish to enter these areas, you will need to present valid photo ID proving you are aged 18 or over. No ID, No Entry into licensed areas.

Under 18: This event is for people under the age of 18. Anyone who is 18 or older, will not be admitted. The rules for under 18 events do vary per venue and for some events guardians are permitted to attend with their children under 18. We encourage you to check with the venue for further clarification.

Q: How can I get in touch with the event promoter?
A: Each event promoter will have their own website. This is the best way to contact the event promoter. Oztix does not release contact details for event promoters.

Q: Where can I find event performance times?
A: If this information is not available on the event page where you purchased your tickets it is unknown to Oztix. The only information we are provided with is the time the doors open to start admitting people into the event. This information is visible during the ticket purchase process.

Q: Can I wear shorts / thongs or a singlet to this gig?
A: Each event will have different rules relating to dress code. Oztix will display any dress code information provided to us on the first page of the purchase process. This information will give you a general understanding of any event or venue restrictions. Should you have a specific enquiry, we encourage you to contact the venue or event promoter for further information.

Q: Can I take a chair, food, drinks or an umbrella to an event?
A: This will vary at each event. As a standard rule, anything that may conceivably cause harm to another person will not be permitted into an event. Some events will allow food and drink, however glass is never permitted. Please refer to the event website for further information.